Poetry Appreciation: The Good Destruction

“The Good Destruction”

(Fighting Forms – Franz Marc)


That’s the good destruction. That’s the way we’re meant to be destroyed.

Ernest Hemingway – “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”

Utterances furnished of meticulously

Fabricated units of meaning;

Syntactic constructions

Denoting sense and sensibility.

Codes and passwords, all meant to initiate

The rotation of a logically sequential equation,

All of which can be dissembled into progressive steps:

Positioning of an appendage here,

Contact of torso there.

Lubricated pneumatic friction methodically

Adhering to a timely schedule.

Clockwork, really.


The engine of creation

Can thus be reduced and structuralized

To a series of formulas, leaving

Just glorified computers.


There is more.

I will show you.


Cotton. Silk. Polyester. Wool.

A static abrasion of artificial material

Being brushed off and cast away, replaced

By the soft rhythm of ethers bound by

Frames, coils, hair, and skin.


Our words will transcend the boundaries

Of phonemes, syntax, and semantics;

We will inject them with the phantasms

And spectres of burning humours.

Charged with choleric vapours,

We will seize each other,

Tear skin from bone,

Crack rib cages,

Grasp our hearts,

And pump them at will.

From sweat and toil, our bones will

Split and splinter, tearing through these fleshy

Coats, leaving only sinew to be burned

In the lightening between our teeth.


Remaining now are strips and strands

Of cryptic codes churning and blending

In the canals of your stomach.

Together we will wait, and observe

The ancient machine and wonder.

*     *     *

Boom, there it is. I wrote this a few years ago, and I recently submitted it for a really cool local exhibition. It’s called Drawn Words And Written Images, and it’s a collaboration of writers and artists being held at Memorial University. Basically, a couple writers submitted some samples of prose, and then some artists were assigned to a piece of prose and made pieces based on it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the images of the artists assigned to my work, but you can check it out at the Queen Elizabeth II Library, if you’re kicking around St. John’s anytime between now and December.

Feedback, as always, is much appreciated.




~ by braddunne on September 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Poetry Appreciation: The Good Destruction”

  1. An outstanding piece, amongst the highest quality i have seen amongst all the blog on wordpress. Its seamless flow is a testament to the precision of word choice and the depth of meaning placed into every sentence.

  2. Yay! I can take photos of the works that were based off of your poem!! Also, I hope you read the exhibition inspiration on the back =)

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