Quarterway upon the journey of our lives

I found my self in a forest dark;

Ah me! Such a hard thing to describe

What was this forest savage, rough and stark:

Trees that shimmer and melt into a sky

Too heavy for gravity to oblige;

Losing sight, too dense to see:

The silence of this infinite stuff terrifies me.

Same shit, different day, when suddenly

Life is made an enemy.

Coils of hot barbwire bind my ribcage;

My sight melts into to a murky haze:

Black threatens green; blue submits to purple;

The world oozes down a funnel,

Budding off into mephitic capitula

Like beads of poison dripping

From the tooth of a tarantula.

A penny for the boatman, I think, shuffling

Through my pockets. But a yellowy blaze

Beyond the gyre is calling;


An azure sky and halcyon days:

A way out of liminal space and this forest-maze.

Oxygen redeems and the world regains its breath

As I turn away from the contorting face of Death.

*      *      *

This poem has special significance for me because it was part of an exchange I did with a friend. She had painted something based on one my poems so I in turn wrote something based on one of her paintings, which I included above. Her name is Lisa Wakeham, and she actually has her own wordpress site (she introduced me to the whole thing!). She went on to curate an exhibition at my university called “Drawn Words and Written Images,” which included another poem of mine called “The Good Destruction.”




~ by braddunne on February 26, 2012.

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