30 Day Television Challenge: Day Nineteen

Favorite Kiss: Moss and Roy, The IT Crowd

It’s been awhile. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve been very busy with other projects, etc. and would have to take a break from the TV challenge. Well, on top of that my Grandmother recently passed and I started a new job. I also made it past the first round of an application for an internship that I’m really excited about. Well, I’m back and it feels good to be blogging again.

“Did you see that ridiculous display last night?”

If you’ve never seen The IT Crowd, I highly recommend it. It’s a great BBC comedy about two nerdy guys, Moss and Roy, working IT and their technologically illiterate supervisor, Jen.

Moss and Roy are arguably the greatest bromance since Siegfried and Roy. Two socially awkward geeks, they are unlucky in love, friendship, and their careers. All they really have are each other.

In one of my favorite episode, “Are We Not Men?”, Moss and Roy try to reach out and befriend a new group of friends. Roy discovers that Moss has mastered Cockney football jargon. Excited, he convinces Moss to accompany him so they can socialize with “proper” men.

They check out a prototypical British pub and simulate the behavioral patterns of the prototypical British bloke. Moss, the more awkward of the two, uses football parlance that he’s hocked from “bluffball.co.uk” to infiltrate a circle of run of the mill hooligans.

The ruse is a success. Moss and Roy manage to ensconce themselves with some proper blokes. Soon they’re playing darts and attending football matches. However, all is not how it seems. These blokes are actually criminals. Consequently, Roy is unwittingly recruited into a bank heist. Unbeknownst that he’s an accessory to the robbery, Roy calls the police as he witness the heist.

When the cops arrive, Moss and Roy flee. In order to avoid suspicion from the bobbies, Moss pins Roy up against a garage door and lays a kiss on him. The kiss is excruciatingly prolonged as car after car drives by.

(“Couldn’t we have just hid behind those bins?”)

Normally, I’d say this is mildly homophobic – “loldudeskissingfaggotslol” – but it’s legitimately funny for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s so aggressively forward for Moss, but also sensible given Moss’s pragmatism combined with his lack of social graces. Also, it’s probably the only action either of them had gotten in some time. Finally, it’s a humorous acknowledgement of the homoerotic nature of their relationship.

By that, I don’t mean to say their kiss is a manifestation of a latent sexual tension. Roy’s and Moss’s relationship is decidedly asexual. But make no mistake, it is a relationship. Rather, Moss and Roy are more of an old married couple. They’re not friends so much as they’re partners.

Their mock kiss is like two seniors imitating the lustful embrace of two amorous twentysomethings.

No homo.




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