Misunderstood Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day! Your Facebook feed has likely been ineundated with cute but borderly trite Mother’s Day celebrations. I figured I’d do a post on misunderstood mothers from horror movies. I tried to challenge myself by coming up with five mothers who meant well but became horrific in their over-zealousness. Here they are in no particular order:

Aliens – The Queen

vlcsnap-2012-04-03-17h19m34s189Poor Queenie. All she wanted was her children to thrive. Sure, they multiply by implanting an egg instead a host’s body and then bursting out of their chest, but who are we to judge? And then Ripley comes along, the “hero,” and effectively commits xenocide. Who is the real monster…?

The Brood – Nola Carveth

the-brood-photos-2One of my favourite David Cronenberg movies. He wrote the script while he was going on through a divorce and fighting for custody of his daughter. Nola is a deeply disturbed woman undergoing experimental psychotherapy (“psychoplasmic sessions”) to deal with repressed emotions from her alcoholic and abusive parents. Her rage is so intense that she parthenogenetically creates a brood of killer mutant children who psychically attack the targets of their mother’s rage. The cool part is that she gives berth to the creatures through an external womb produced by the psychoplasmic sessions. She then proceeds to lick the ectoplasm from the fetus. Yummy! Maybe she’s a Scientologist?

Mama – Mama

Mama’s script isn’t particularly noteworthy. The antagonist, however, is. Mama was actually performed by an actor named Javier Botet, who was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome at a young age. Because of this, Botet has long spindly limbs and fingers. He also happens to have a brilliant psychical presence, as you can see from the test footage above. Botet’s performance was complimented by CGI, resulting in a pretty fucking spooky performance.

Beowulf – Grendel’s Mother


Grendel’s mother is one of the great monsters of literature. Unfortunately, she was butchered in Beowulf (2007), Robert Zemekis’s god-awful journey down the uncanny valley. Grendel’s mom was mostly played by Angelina Jolie. Her “true form” was hinted at, and can be seen above in all its McFarlane toy glory. She looks like a retarded seahorse. If you want a better depiction, and a better movie, check out Beowulf and Grendel (2005), starring Gerard Butler when he was a good actor.


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