Why Can’t We Have Nice Things? The internet is starting to suck

Yesterday I found myself in the mall (*shudder*). I popped into HMV because I wanted a physical copy of the new Dr. Dre record. I rarely buy CDs anymore. I mostly stream on Spotify (in fact, I pay for a subscription). But I thought it was cool that Dre was donating the profits for a good cause and I also wanted a copy for my car. Alas, the physical release of Compton won’t be until the end of August.

As someone born in the 80s I should’ve been savvy enough to have looked that up before I bothered going to buy it. But then I realized how lame this all is. I pay for Spotify and I’m willing to pay for the CD yet the only way I can listen to the new Dre album is either pirate it or pay Apple. That means I have to listen to it on iTunes. I don’t like iTunes. I also don’t like Apple and am weary of giving them more of my money.

I thought the whole disruptive genius of the internet was that this sort of bullshit was over, that we didn’t have to worry about providers carving up and segregating content, that we could have whatever we wanted whenever. Now content is getting carved up worse than ever.

This is particularly true in Canada. Thanks to the Bell/Rogers cartel, I can’t get HBO Go. If I want to to watch HBO I pretty much have to get a cable package. And Netflix sucks. They’ve balkanized content across Shomi and CraveTV, but the former is only for Rogers subscribers and the latter Bell. Why can’t I just buy/rent/stream all from one pool?

The success of Netflix, Spotify, etc. have proved people are willing to pay for content. The point was that it was supposed to be convenient. The way things are going, I think I’d rather go back to bricks and mortar.


~ by braddunne on August 12, 2015.

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